Route 66 Motorsports presents:
Utility Vehicle
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When you have work to do the GravelyŽ Treker from Route 66 Motorsports lightens the load. The Treker is always up for mowing through those outdoor chores. Clearing brush, hauling firewood, or moving building materials at your construction site has never been more efficient

Every Treker is engineered and built for years of reliable service. Choose a two- or four-wheel traction drive Treker to suit your requirements. The list of standard equipment is long and you can tailor your  Treker with a wide array of fully integrated accessories. Honda power keeps you underway on almost any terrain.

Every Gravely Treker is equipped with an  electric bed lift. The driver can dump the payload from the driver's seat with just the push of a button. This standard feature is optional on most other utility vehicles.

Gravely builds the Treker with all wheel independent suspension.  This provides a very comfortable ride and maximum stability and control on rough surfacess and hilly areas.

The rear differential has a completely automatic locking feature which  activates when the rear tires begin to slip.  No manual activation is necessary. The differential controls both wheels so they rotate together when conditions warrant, and can rotate at different speeds for effortless turning.

The Treker's generous pay load capacity includes room for 3 passengers plus up to 900 pounds in the 15.9 cu-ft dumping cargo bed. (Total payload capacity 1,300 pounds)
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