Why let a little cold weather get in the way of golf carting? Winter holds some very practical reasons to upgrade your existing cart or add one to your fleet!
Our Custom Lifted Golf Cart with a 60" adjustable Snow Plow. These Golf carts are ideal for light snow. The plow is removable with three pins and your cart converts to your summer vehicle.
How about this brand new 2010 Yamaha with a full enclosure? Just the thing for those frosty mornings! Enclosures also available separately to fit all major golf cart  brands, regardless of year or model.
We recently installed a 60 snow plow on our customers 6 wheel John Deere Gator. We install these utility plows on Golf Carts, All Terrain Vehicles, and small equipment. These plows are ideal for drive ways, and side walks.

Click on any photo for a closer look. Above: Club Car fitted with a plow. Below: Lifted Yamaha with a theme AND a plow!
This is a Club Car Carry-All 272 with a Route 66 installed plow and heavy duty winch.
The plow is removable and the HD winch remains on the cart for utility work.
A few days later, we received this e-mail message:

To: rudyjr@aol.com
Subject: RE: 60" Snow plow for Club Car utility vehicles
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 13:56:30 +0000

Hi Rudy,
Just want to say thank you to you and Butch for the nice job you did on installing the Moose Plow, winch, and tire chains on my Carryall.
I used it the other day and it worked beautifully.  Plenty of power to push around the 6-8 inches or so of snow.  I'm sure it could do more.

I got careless and accidentally snapped the winch line.  NO DAMAGE to the plow or winch.  The winch is rated at 2500 pounds, and still no damage at all.  I just re-attached the hook and off it went.  Lesson learned.

Here's a couple photos.