Golf Cart Renting and Leasing
As part of our comprehensive roster of merchandise and services for golf cart aficionados everywhere, Route 66 Motorsports offers both rental and leasing access to a wide range of vehicles, including two seat, four seat, six seat and utility categories.
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Golf Cart Leasing

Route 66 Motorsports also offers carts to individuals and businesses on a lease basis. While we love to sell these products, leasing can be an excellent option for a number of reasons.

- A large down payment is not necessary.
- Business capitol is liberated for other profitable uses.
- Some companies may enjoy tax advantages.
    Please consult with your accountant.
- Pressure on company cash flow is reduced.
- Funds available through other existing credit
   lines remain available.
- Makes budgeting easier and more accurite
   because golf cart allocations are fixed each
   month, and are therefore predictable. No
   surprize  repair expenses!

Call (860) 830-7900 to get started on your perfect leasing program.
Golf Cart Rentals

Route 66 Motorsports offers a rental program for clients with a temporary need for one or more golf carts.
For personal use, a golf cart is an ideal companion on a golf vacation, at a wedding, at a campground or on a picnic or photo shoot. Renting can also provide an excellent longer term pre-purchase trial period to be sure the cart you buy is the cart you need.
Carts are also excellent tools for administrative use at outdoor events of all kinds, including flea markets, classic car shows or meets, festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts or tournaments.
Our rental carts are fully serviced, fully charged or fueled, and can be delivered and picked up from your location on your schedule.

A note to call (860) 830-7900 about cart rentals would look great on your "to do" list when planning your next event! We can meet your need!