2003 Gem eL XD

2005 Batteries

Plexiglas  windshield


68" High

12' Long

49" Wide

In Stock and
Available For Sale

This vehicle is manufactured by Global Electric Motorcars, a Chrysler company. It is a member of a class of motor vehicles called low-speed vehicles (LSVs), also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV). This type of vehicle is designed to be driven on low speed limit public roads and has much of the lighting and safety equipment required on more familiar cars, trucks and SUVs. Local laws vary, so check with DMV authorities in your state.
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    * Automotive-style, three point safety belts.
    * 13-inch street-rated tires    
    * Quartz-halogen headlamps with a
       20-second safety delay after vehicle
       is turned off, front and rear turn
       signals, high-mount rear brake
       and taillights.
    * Structural composite and
       thermoplastic body panels.
    * Rear and side reflectors.
    * Rearview and dual exterior mirrors

    * Seats two occupants with
       bench-style seating using
       molded-foam cushions
       covered by marine grade UV-stable
        vinyl coverings.
    * Four-wheel automotive-style
       hydraulic brakes and parking brake.
    * Dual A-arm front independent
       suspension with coil over shock.
    * Automotive rack-and-pinion steering.
    * Welded aluminum space-frame
       using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions.

    * Heavy-duty DC motor with continuous
      7 horsepower rating and 15
       horsepower peak during acceleration
       and hill climbing.
    * Front-wheel drive with speed reducer
      and integral differential.
    * Solid-state custom motor controller
       with under and over voltage detector,
       regenerative braking, motor
      thermal protection and top
      speed regulation.
    * Nine 8-volt maintenance-free gel batteries .
    * On-board 72-volt DC charger that plugs into a standard 110-volt AC 15-amp outlet.